Below are documentaries, resources for recipes and blogs I check out regularly. Enjoy, and comment with your impressions!


Cowspiracy: Exposes the profound effect that the beef and livestock industry has on our earth –  CO2 emissions, the depletion of rainforests, climate change, species mass extinction, etc… It is currently available on Netflix.

After watching Cowspiracy, I told my husband that I wanted to go vegan 50% of the time and I kind of accidentally became a vegan. I’ve never touched an animal product since. For years, I knew the correlation between veganism and sustainability but I feel like I really felt my personal impact after watching this documentary.


Forks Over Knives: Demonstrates the power of plant-based eating with several people who have experienced its affects, reversing diabetes, heart disease and various forms of cancer. (Also available on Netflix)

As the daughter of a Filipina immigrant, I was really shocked to learn that the rise of cancer, heart disease, obesity, etc. in South East Asia was linked to animal products and we have this illustrated beautifully in the China Study.

What The Health: Shows the link between dairy products and animal products and the rise of diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, etc.. and

What struck me the most was how US health organizations are taking money from the  the very industries that are causing these disease while the US health care system is in the business of helping sick people live longer rather than preventing disease altogether. Powerful film! Same directors as Conspiracy and currently available on Vimeo.


13th: Explores the loophole in the 13th Amendment, which has led to the criminalization of black people in America since the US Reconstruction period. Several illuminating interviews about mass incarceration, the privatization of prisons and its affect on communities of color.

Probably the most profoundly moving documentary I have ever seen. 13th helped me reconstruct my childhood and American history in the 20th century. This documentary as well as the work of several BLM activists got me #wokeAF and dedicated to black liberation.


Resources for Recipes

The Buddhist Chef: Hundreds of awesome plant-based recipes from vegan French chef who is super creative!

Thug Kitchen: Personally, this is the only cookbook that I actually use on a regular basis. Super plant forward and has a ton of attitude which I love! First edition has a ton of good basics for the beginner.


Blogs I Follow

Literless: An super inspiring zero waste blog from a fellow Chicagoan.

Colin Beavan AKA No Impact Man: Zero waste blogger and activist based out of NYC. The person who originally inspired me to move toward zero waste with his documentary “No Impact Man.”

Trash Is For Tossers: Another awesome zero waste blog with a ton of creative gift ideas, going out ideas etc from a NYC based blogger