As vegans who eat a whole foods, plant-based diet, we eat a ton of fresh vegetables and fruits. And as an eco-conscious couple, we are always looking to reduce our footprint and our waste. This means that we come to grocery store stocked with bags, mason jars and re-usable produce bags and mostly – it works out really well.

There are some things however that are often consumed in plastic like strawberries, blueberries and greens. We recycle as a last resort in our house, and the best place to get greens and fruit without packaging is definitely the farmer’s market.


I love seeing all of these fresh organic greens from local farms, but I cringe at the idea of all of the plastic that is filling up the oceans because of it. I actually asked this vendor if I took the herbs / greens, would she re-use the bag and she said no so I didn’t buy from her. I found a vendor down the way who promised he would and loved the idea of running a zero waste house and we were in business.



Greens, greens, greens for days — without packaging! The vendors will also take back the rubber bands too if you (like me) already have a ton at home.


Sometimes peppers, tomatoes, lemons, etc at farmer’s markets come in these small plastic cartons. Feel free to ask the vendor if you can put them in your tupperware so that they can reuse it. Most of the time, they are very open to it especially because it can save them money.

IMG_2496 (1)

Here is an example of raspberries that were originally packaged in these wooden cartons. When I asked the woman if she would reuse the carton, she said “Of course!! Do you know how much these things cost me? I love it when people bring their own tupperware.” Win-win 🙂

Zero Waste Produce

So here they are – some greens and fruit that normally come in plastic that I was able to buy zero waste at the farmer’s market. Don’t forget to put your greens in an air tight container so they stay fresh for as long as possible.

Thanks for reading, and happy zero waste-ing!


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