Summer came early in Chicago, and we’re not mad about it at all. In celebration, we’ve decided to kick off pie season a few weeks early. I just made this delicious plant-based lime and blueberry pie made entirely of zero waste ingredients.

I used two different recipes to make it zero waste. I used this one for the filling and tweaked it just a little. I added double the lime juice (I love sour everything), I used maple syrup as the sweetener and I used homemade cashew milk for the non-dairy milk.
The crust featured in that recipe is made out of graham crackers which unfortunately require sealing. So I opted to make the crust with this vegan crust recipe because I can get all of these ingredients without commercial packaging at my coop! #winning… FYI – The recipe yields about double what you need. So next time I will definitely half it!
Here is the finished product! It was so yummy, and I think the filling could even make a good sorbet 🙂 Eat your heart out!
Posted by:ibanezsekinger

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