Phil and I were grabbing some awesome vegan food in the Mission district in San Francisco on Saturday night when we stumbled into a well-trafficked alley full of amazing graffiti. Check it out!

Imitation is the White$t Form of Flattery


This one in particular really stuck out to me because I don’t think enough people are talking about cultural appropriation in the entertainment industry. White people have been imitating people of color and borrowing very liberally for their own benefit. While some have cited their inspiration (for example, the Beatles), others have shamelessly stolen and didn’t think twice. Whitewashing, blackface and yellow face are also still prevalent today.


Love is Love

How could I not jump into this picture of pure love?


Be Dangerous. It’s careful out there.


This is pretty much my new life mantra. It’s so true. Let’s ORGANIZE!

Rise in Power! / Bad Hombre


These are name of Blacks and Latinos who have been killed by police officers. Rest in power!

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