It’s April 15th, and we are half way through our 30 Day Zero Waste Challenge!

Our jar is almost full, but we are learning a ton and forcing ourselves to come up with creative solutions to reduce and reuse what we consume.

The top ten things I’ve learned since starting this:

1) I can compost a lot of the things I was throwing away including: dust, our dog’s hair, our hair (from brushes), q-tips, paper towels that don’t have toxic chemicals on them, etc…

2) Dryer lint can be composted as long as it has no synthetic fiber in it (which means that from now on, we are going to air dry and hang all of our clothes made from synthetic fibers).

3) Swiffer cloths (both dry and wet) are trash, but we learned that swiffering with paper towels and natural all purpose cleaners works just as well — and we can compost them!

4) There are fancy face soaps that I can buy at my coop that are made with corn biodegradable packaging.

5) I am embracing my nails au natural because nail polishes are made from toxic chemicals and it takes cotton soaked in more toxic chemicals to get the polish off. No mani pedis in the last 45 days though and my nails are looking healthier.

6) Tom’s makes recyclable toothpaste containers via the Terracycle Program!

7) Stickers are trash, and a lot of produce without packaging has stickers! But maybe we’ll do an art project with them 🙂

8) All of Ada (our dogs)’s treats are now zero waste. The Petco closest to us sells training treats as well as the doggy toothbrush treats in bulk so we can bring our own bags and fill up! Ada also loves raw carrots so we feed her those as treats.

9) I quit our subscriptions to Dollar Shave Club and Quip because I found zero waste solutions, so bye bye!

10) Floss is a tricky one! So, I am thoughtfully cleaning my nylon floss after I use it and I’ve found that I can get a few good uses before it breaks apart fully.

Enjoy, everybody! Have a beautiful weekend! We’ll check in at the end of the month from San Francisco

Posted by:ibanezsekinger

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